Feb 2009 issue


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February 2009 Issue:

4 FOR OPENERS Service can be a sacred duty David Vogels, CWP 


14 BARTENDER The service culture starts at the top Jim Meehan 

15 MATCH POINT Taking service to the next level Joyce Goldstein 

16 BOTTOM LINE Service and the battle for survival Randy Caparoso 

17 THE WINEMAKER'S ART Jean-Christophe Bott, Domaine Bott-Geyl, Alsace, France 

18 SOMMELIER SPOTLIGHT Jeff Groh, The Heathman Restaurant and Bar, Portland, Oregon Kerry Newberry 

22 RESTAURANT SPOTLIGHT Vetri Ristorante, Philadelphia David Vogels, CWP 

26 ROUNDTABLE The Philosophy of Service David Vogels, CWP 

42 Crystal Vision: Choices in today‚Äôs glassware Catherine Fallis, MS, CWP 

52 Rejected Bottles: How to Deal with the Customer and the Wine David Glancy, MS, CWE 

58 Modern Staff Training: How to Build a Better Wine Army Belinda Chang 

63 Handling Customer Baggage Kim Pierce 

68 Avvinare: the reasoning behind the seasoning Jason Tesauro 

74 CLOSING TIME Sommeliers serving through education Michael Steinberger 

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