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WINERY SPOTLIGHT Lazy Creek Vineyards, Anderson Valley, California

Vance Booher, ACWP, CWS
PAGE: 48 - Preview Issue 2007
Mendocino: The name conjures up towering stands of redwood trees and the stark, beautiful loneliness of the Pacific Coast. But just a few miles inland from those rocky shores, followin


WINERY SPOTLIGHT Cheval des Andes, Mendoza, Argentina

David Vogels, CWP
PAGE: 44 - January 31 2010
This white horse is carrying the ancient spirit of St. Émilion to Argentina. If you’ve ever wanted to know what a St. Émilion tasted like before phylloxera, there may be a less e


SOMMELIER SPOTLIGHT Jason Smith, Bellagio, Las Vegas

Fred Minnick
PAGE: 24 - April 30 2010
This Master Sommelier is redefining the wine-director position from the vantage point of a luxury resort. Jason Smith certainly knows his wine: he is equally adept at pairing an


INTERVIEW Andrew Bell, American Sommelier Association, New York

Matthew Conway, ASA
PAGE: 48 - March 15 2010
This businessman is known for his ability to educate wine professionals on every level. Andrew Bell is the president and CEO—and, one might say, the heart and soul—of New York’


WINERY SPOTLIGHT André et Mireille Tissot, Montigny-les-Arsures, France

Patricia Savoie
PAGE: 46 - July 31 2011
“A wine made with love and passion produces emotions. You can find in a wine the personality of those who made it, because every decision has an impact. When we speak of ‘natural’ wines, yo


Madeira: The Wine of Patience

Jason Tesauro and Phineas Mollod
PAGE: 76 - January 15 2013
Jutting from an abyssal Atlantic plain three and a half miles deep, the Portuguese island of Madeira is the craggy, lush jewel of a tiny archipelago. The name means


IN SERVICE The Pop-Up Phenomenon

Jason Tesauro
PAGE: 17 - May 31 2013
New Article. Jason Tesauro,


The Wines of Moldova: Discovering velvet behind the Iron Curtain

Jason Tesauro
PAGE: 88 - November 30 2011
Twice, they slaughtered the spring lamb for us. A 9-year-old chess prodigy, son of a signer of his country’s Declaration of Independence, checkmated me in four moves. And then there was the


COVER STORY Ribera del Duero

Jason Tesauro
PAGE: 74 - July 15 2012
Spain’s Ribera del Duero may be a textbook case in the wine world, but it’s a still an unfinished tale. The main characters—we’ll call them Tradition and Modernity—follow a familiar storyline:


Praising Cane: Rum Is the Spirit of the Islands

Jason Tesauro
PAGE: 85 - July 15 2013
New Article. Jason Tesauro,


SOMMELIER SPOTLIGHT Markus Del Monego, Lufthansa, Essen, Germany

Jason Tesauro
PAGE: 32 - July 31 2010
Lufthansa’s wine director is the flying sommelier. Whether it was due to my smoking jacket or to my irresistible combination of sleeplessness and juniper, Lufthansa had bumped m


COVER STORY Albariño: Putting Rías Baixas on the wine map

Jason Tesauro
PAGE: 74 - January 31 2010
“Take the roundabout and turn right,” said my GPS in a stiff British accent. But there was no right turn, only a barrier separating pavement from the freshly bulldozed Galician soil where an



Jason Tesauro
PAGE: 20 - October 31 2010
The ageless legend of Lebanon goes on and on. “It’s difficult to find the words,” said David Denton, CWE, CSS, of the 1961 Château Musar Blanc. “I had an emotional response to th


Vino-Tech: Decoding Terroir One Terabyte at a Time

Jason Tesauro
PAGE: 83 - December 15 2010
Loosely paraphrasing Gil Scott-Heron, the wine revolution will not be Parkerized. Despite the influence of the international style, flying winemakers, micro-oxygenation, and the like on wine


COVER STORY Baristamour: An Enophile Falls for a New Berry

Jason Tesauro
PAGE: 84 - June 15 2011
Dear Rosé, We need to talk. There’s someone else. She runs hot and cold, but w


Avvinare: the reasoning behind the seasoning

Jason Tesauro
PAGE: 68 - February 2009
As the Roman Empire’s influence spread through military engagement, trade, and migration, so did the worship of Bacchus and, with it, a campaign for more serious winemaking. Of course, with


SOMMELIER SPOTLIGHT Kristie Jones, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Jason Tesauro
PAGE: 20 - August 2009
This is one cool cat in the house of mouse. When my wife suggested we take a family holiday to Walt Disney World, my wine life flashed before my eyes. The kids would love the Mag


CLOSING TIME Postprandial quaffers

Jason Wilson
PAGE: 98 - January 31 2011
After-dinner ennui: Whither the postprandial quaff? Some years before I started writing about spirits, near the end of an unsuccessful work trip, I found myself dining alone in


TASTING PANEL Rioja Reservas and Gran Reservas

David Vogels, CWP
PAGE: 22 - July 31 2010
The reservas were stylish, but the gran reservas were stunning. Considering the affordable prices of the 19 Riojas judged by our eight-member panel, this may have been the best


CLOSING TIME Teaching Wine to Millennials

Jason Wilson
PAGE: 98 - August 31 2013
New Article. Jason Wilson,


CLOSING TIME Wines to meditate on

Jason Wilson
PAGE: 98 - October 15 2011
Some wines are really worth meditating over. Sometimes you just don’t want to mix wine with food. I realize this is borderline heresy to sommeliers, but every once in a while, a


SPECIAL REPORT Domestic Brandies

Jason Wilson
PAGE: 85 - May 31 2013
New Article. Jason Wilson,


TASTING PANEL Bual and Malmsey Madeiras

David Furer, CWE
PAGE: 22 - November 30 2012
After-dinner Madeiras impress the panel. As much we admire its noble cultural history and wistfully recollect our occasional encounters with it, how often do most of us regular


EVENT SPOTLIGHT 2012 SJ Terroir Experience, Mendocino, California

Randy Caparoso
PAGE: 56 - October 15 2012
Sommeliers on our annual trek explored Mendocino County from Eagle Peak to the Islands in the Sky. Bill Summerville, sommelier of La Belle Vie in Minneapolis, succinctly summed up th


FOR OPENERS A toast to Tom Watson

David Vogels, CWP
PAGE: 4 - August 2009
The 2009 vintage belonged to Stewart Cink, but let’s raise a glass of Bordeaux to Tom Watson. I really didn’t think Sommelier Journal /sp


TASTING PANEL Groth Reserve Cabernet Sauvignons

David Vogels, CWP
PAGE: 18 - August 2008
For Sommelier Journal’s first vertical tasting of a single wine, it seemed appropriate to visit Groth Vineyards & Winery in Oakville, Calif. The winery was just about to rele


SOMMELIER SPOTLIGHT Jill Zimorski, ThinkFoodGroup, Washington, D.C.

Kelly Magyarics
PAGE: 36 - June 15 2011
This D.C. sommelier has made a career of studying food-and-drink pairings. Usually as affable and approachable as the Albariño she recommends with span style="font-style: ital


INTERVIEW Josh Jensen, Calera Wine Company, Mount Harlan, California

Catherine Fallis, MS, ACWP
PAGE: 30 - July 2009
Limestone is the magic ingredient for this neo-Burgundian winemaker perched atop the Gabilan Mountains. Calera had been on my radar from the earliest days of my wine education.



PAGE: 6 - March 2009
Service Tip Creating an inexpensive wine-list binder In my third year of working the floor at our bistro, I decided I needed a new approach to the appearance of


WINERY SPOTLIGHT Quady Winery, Madera, California

Catherine Fallis, MS, ACWP
PAGE: 52 - June 15 2011
A remote winery has blazed a path for California dessert bottlings. At three hours from San Francisco and two and a half from San Jose, Calif., Quady Winery is very much off the


TASTING PANEL 2007 Garys’ Vineyard Pinot Noirs

Dave Eriksen
PAGE: 18 - October 2009
Judges for the 2009 Monterey County Fair Wine Challenge weighed in on a cross-section of wines from this renowned vineyard. I was asked to put together a distinguished panel of wine



PAGE: 51 - July 31 2010
Charlie Palmer Steak on Capitol Hill is a favorite restaurant of many of the nation’s legislators. Under wine director Nadine Brown, it features an all-American wine list representing nearly a


COVER STORY Elqui and Limarí: Chile’s Northern Valleys

Patricia Savoie
PAGE: 50 - October 2009
The bus from La Serena airport in far northern Chile to the Elqui Valley runs through a stretch of the Atacama Desert. The dull-gray mountains are prickled with cactus, like stubble on a gia



Catherine Fallis, MS, CWP
PAGE: 60 - April 2009
Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world—and the largest of all Spanish-speaking countries—in terms of land mass. Thanks to the majestic Andes Mountains, brilliant year-round sun


TERROIR Cole Ranch, Mendocino, California

Catherine Fallis, MS, CWP
PAGE: 44 - October 2008
Ask any sommelier certification candidate about Cole Ranch, and you’ll likely get either a smile or a grimace, depending on the test results. Cole Ranch pops up frequently in test que



PAGE: 29 - January 31 2011
What makes a good wine-by-the-glass candidate, and why? When making selections for my by-the-glass wine programs, I like to keep in mind that serving wine by the glass is universal in


CLOSING TIME A new tasting vocabulary

Ken Collura
PAGE: 106 - October 15 2012
The future of tasting notes has arrived. Throughout my career, I’ve often found myself at odds with wine writers whose descriptions can be so florid and convoluted—both in conv


TERROIR Soave, Veneto, Italy

Tom Hyland
PAGE: 30 - January 31 2011
A new vision prevails in a once-maligned region of northern Italy. A little more than a decade ago, the image of Soave was less than stellar, to say the least. A pleasant, dry wh


WINERY SPOTLIGHT Barrister Winery, Spokane, Washington

Cara Gardner
PAGE: 36 - September 2008
A vacation can often be the catalyst for inspiration. In the case of Greg Lipsker and Michael White, two Spokane, Wash., attorneys on a weekend getaway with their families, th


TERROIR Champoux Vineyards, Prosser, Washington

Christina Kelly
PAGE: 40 - July 2009
Some of the best Cabernets in Washington have Champoux on their labels. Paul Champoux knows the seasons of his vineyard intuitively. As the third generation of a family of farmer


COVER STORY South Africa's Coastal Districts on the Rise

Joanna Breslin
PAGE: 44 - July 2009
South Africa may finally be emerging as one of the world’s great wine-producing countries. Its long history with wine began when the first vines were planted in Constantia in 1655, but its h


COVER STORY Friuli: Rolling hills and multifaceted wines

Tom Hyland
PAGE: 78 - June 15 2010
Friuli, like most wine regions in Italy, has multiple personalities. The shimmering white wines produced from hillside vineyards in the eastern reaches of the territory are the trademarks o


FOR OPENERS Friuli’s strength is Sauvignon

David Vogels, CWP
PAGE: 6 - December 15 2010
A marketing suggestion for Friulian winemakers: play to your strength. The Friulians may not be the greatest wine marketers, but they sure know where to take a visitor for maxim


MATCH POINT Pairing with modernist cuisine

Joyce Goldstein
PAGE: 16 - April 30 2011
Molecular gastronomy doesn’t necessarily make sommeliers superfluous. No doubt you’ve been reading about it, and perhaps wondering how this new way of cooking called “molecular


Montsant: The “Other” Priorat

Ben Narasin
PAGE: 52 - November 2008
Spain’s recent success in producing high-quality wines at economical prices—first from Rioja, and more lately from Priorat—is paving the way for its lesser-known appellations. It’s a repeati


SOMMELIER SPOTLIGHT Todd Thrasher, Restaurant Eve, Alexandria, Virginia

Kerry Newberry
PAGE: 22 - October 2009
Todd Thrasher is a sommelier who’s not afraid to experiment. Todd Thrasher has Top Gun hair. The style is similar to Iceman’s, b



PAGE: 8 - March 15 2010
Mailbox Postcard In the early ’90s, many Virginia wines were dire and most were middling, with only a few winners from Rhône-varietal pioneer Dennis Horton. Hort


WINERY SPOTLIGHT MacPhail Family Wines, Healdsburg, California

Catherine Fallis, MS
PAGE: 42 - August 31 2012
James MacPhail combines a sense of place with family values. With a background in hotel management yet a love of the great outdoors, James MacPhail decided in 1995 to trade the


COVER STORY 2012 Sommelier’s Choice

PAGE: 57 - January 15 2013
For the past three years, we at Sommelier Journal have asked our contributors and other top wine professionals to select their most memorable bottlings of


APPELLATION Mendoza, Argentina

Fred Minnick
PAGE: 50 - April 15 2012
Mendoza winemakers are moving beyond Malbec. The picture captures Argentina’s wine industry perfectly. A beautiful woman is silhouetted against the breathtakingly bright blue sky an
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